INTERVIEW: The Moons frontman Andy Crofts talks about their new song!


With their new single ‘Heart and Soul’ due to be released, we caught up with the frontman of The Moons, Andy Crofts, to see what inspired their new song, what we can expect from their new album and his musical icons!

WFM: Hello Guys, cheers for agreeing to this interview, really like upcoming single ‘Heart and Soul’ very Bolan-esque

Andy: Thanks!

WFM:  So before we start, your top 3 albums and why

Andy: Tough one but here’s a few

1) The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Because it musically blows nearly everything away in pop culture. It’s the most beautiful record and opened my eyes in songwriting

2. Air – Moon Safari

From the moment I heard this album it blew my mind. Kind of like a cross between electronica, serge gainsbourg and The Beach boys. It’s a pretty old album now but still is a work of art. Analogue heaven

3. The Bees – Free the bees

It’s a modern classic and the best production. It contains possibly my favourite song called “I Love You”. It really is an amazing piece of art by a very underrated band.

Andy: As I said, I haven’t even touch upon the huge list of favourites but I have chosen 3 quickly for you.

WFM: One last one before we officially start! Musical Icon and why?

Andy: I guess it would have to be David Bowie. The musical kameleon who ever changes into the unknown. His mixture of music, art and fashion was unbelievable.

WFM: Right, so what brought you guys together? Have you got a weird but wonderful tale behind the band?

Andy: The Moons started as a solo thing for me. I had a bunch of demos and uploaded them onto the Internet. I didn’t want to be “Andy Crofts” so I used The Moons instead as I thought it gave me more freedom.

After the songs had been online I had loads of good feedback and mojo magazine picked up on one of my instrumentals “intermission tag” so it all started there. No weird or wonderful tale i’m afraid

WFM: So what is the new song about? Does it have an interesting backstory?

Andy: I don’t ever plan to write about things in my songs. They just fall out of me and I string them together. This one turned out to be about a woman, a temptress who pulls you in so easily with her auora and looks. She pulls you in and spits you out stealing your heart and soul along the way.

WFM: How did you find the recoding process of the song, was it pretty simple or was it a song that you wanted to get perfect so a lot of time was spent on it?

Andy: It was pretty simple yeah. I just recorded most of the song at home in the lunar studio and took the rest into the studio for the band to work on. I bashed the music together quickly and the words came a little later on this one. A song like this doesn’t require much time to make. It’s rock n roll and it is what it is. It’s not my best song by far but it’s groovy and sounds like Bowie and Bolan so I’m happy!

WFM: On the topic of recording, who would you guys love to record with?

Andy: I don’t rate many producers at the moment and that’s why I did our new album myself. I do love the work of Paul Butler from The Bees though and his work is outstanding. I also like that lad out of Tame Impala, Kevin is it? He really shook things up over the last few years but generated lots of copycats. I think I like the idea of another band/artist mixing my record instead of a producer. Although i really would love I work with Quincy Jones and George Martin.

WFM: Like we said your song is very Bolan-esque which we think is brilliant but we believe is a genre that doesn’t get exposed enough, would you agree?

Andy: You could say that but I guess it’s because a lot if it was rubbish. Heart and Soul is a deliberate nod at bowie and bolan. I’m not hiding that at all! I love some of that glam stuff and it’s all I had been listening to when I write the song. I literally plugged in my rickenbacker and played through the song in nearly one take. It had to go In this direction it wouldn’t have sounded good any other way. It’s not a pastiche song it’s me tipping my hat to my favourite artists

WFM:  Is this what we can expect more of from your upcoming album ‘Mindwaves’?

Andy: In some places yes but mainly no. The album is full of many different colours and varied tracks. There is certainly a sense of the moons moving forward for sure and the songwriting remains strong like our other albums. That’s something the moons take pride in, good solid songs. A lot of my influences show through in this record. You will be getting a taste of space age, love and gothic harpsichords but all wrapped up in the sweetest melodies.

WFM: I understand that you guys have created a bit of a fan base for yourselves, is that something you find quite hard to do, or did the fans seem to come pretty easily?

Andy: Some bands are lucky and find their feet super fast. A good label comes along and puts shit loads of money into an average band and pretty much puts them straight out there. Us on the other hand have been doing our own thing for a while now. Maybe it’s because we dont compromise with what’s in or not, I dont know. I personally have tried to keep a connection with our fans and show them inside our music and videos. The thing with the Internet is people find it easy to “like” something and then forget about it. With the moons I find we have an honest fanbase of cats who really appreciate our music. It’s tough times for bands so we care about them a lot. Our fanbase continues to grow pretty quick and I think a lot of it is word of mouth with the moons. That’s great with me and we are not a fad band, we are here to make a catalogue of our art.

WFM: So you guys are embarking on a UK tour soon, are there any places you particularly love playing, or just all of them?

Andy : We love playing anywhere. We haven’t played live for a good while now as I was writing the album and washing my hair etc. We are doing a few off the beaten track dates this march/April but will be doing a bigger tour including Europe after our album comes out in July. We really like playing the European shows as u find the audience really wants to listen over there and do to spend too much time trying to be cool. In general though it’s always a buzz to play live and wake people up.

You can catch the band playing live on these dates:


25th         HULL                     Fruit

26th         YORK                     Duchess

28th         STOCKTON          Georgian Theatre

29th         DUNDEE               Buskers


3rd           NOTTINGHAM     Bodega Social

4th            LEICESTER          Soundhouse

5th            BRISTOL               The Lanes

Their new single will be released 31st March, but you will be able to read the review of it HERE on 25th March!


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