Broken Records – Toska


The soft and sullen start to this song is more than enough to set the mood, as it’s sincere and genuine. When you think that it was enough the Brandon Flower’s like vocals come bursting out adding to this effect well as the two elements tie together nicely. The song has the slow and meaningful vibe to it throughout the song, even when the drums kick in, it is simply just bring up the pace slightly and allow the vocals to have that bit more bite behind them.

The piano riff and violin are perfect contributors to this song as they add just enough without going completely over the top with it, making the vocals even more prominent. Broken record has done a perfect job of producing this song as they knew just how much was needed, and refused to overdo with every chance they had. Not only is it a song that has good composition, but it also is simple and effective with the lyrics.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563




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