INTERVIEW: OhBoy! Talk about their NEW EP!


We caught up with OhBoy! to talk about their new EP, along with their love of music.

WFM: Hello guys, just wanna say a big hello from everyone here at WFM and big congratulations on the EP, it’s a fine piece of work!

OhBoy!:  Hello!
Thankyou, You’re very kind.

WFM: Before we start the interview, what are your top 5 albums and why?

OhBoy!: There is only four of us, so to avoid squabbling we’ll do top 4 Albums.

Nicola’s choice- ‘Live through this’ by Hole. The soundtrack to my teenage years.
Learning to play this album helped to suppress many a teenage tantrum.

Jay’s Choice- ‘The Blue Album’ by Weezer.
Underated now against Pinkerton due to overplay, but speaks perfectly to an alienated youth.

Mark’s choice- ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles.
The perfect album in my opinion. It inspires me to make music.

Lee’s choice- ‘Control’ by Pedro the Lion.
Great melodic songwriting mixed with lyrics about misery, despair, sex and divorce. What’s not to like?

WFM: And one final question before we officially start, your musical icons and why?

OhBoy!: Brian Wilson, because he’s possibly the best pop songwriter of all time.
Kim Deal, because she’s badass.
Jonny Marr, because after all this time he still doesn’t seem like a dick.

WFM: Right now we can start! How did you guys come together then? Where did the journey begin?

OhBoy!: I wish there were some magical tale of destiny and triumph through adversity that brought us together….but in all honesty it probably just came down to a shared love of The Pixies, silly voices and alcohol.
Also we all wanted to be in a really great band.

WFM: Your new EP sounds really Lo-fi, similar to Pavement and the likes, were these guys a key influence to the EP? And which other ones are there?

OhBoy!: There is definitely a Pavement influence to the EP. There’s also a dollop of Sonic Youth in there,  a sprinkling of Yo La Tengo , and just a hint of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

WFM: Do you feel lo-fi indie music from the UK has taken a back seat, and why do you think this is?

OhBoy!: With the right Plug-ins just about anybody can make a record that sounds slick and get it played on the radio.

WFM: As this is your debut EP, how did you find the recording process? Did you feel like it was long process or did you find it quite easy?

OhBoy!: It was an absolute pleasure. It took us about 25 minutes to record.

WFM: On the topic of recording, who would you guys love to record with?

OhBoy!: We’d love to put someone just slightly outside of their comfort zone.
Someone like Billy Corgan would be great.

WFM: What can expect next from you guys? A mini uk tour? Or another couple of releases?

OhBoy!: We are playing a handful of gigs to celebrate the EP release, including a proper knees up in our hometown of Northampton.
It’s also a good excuse to get some of our favourite new bands to play with us.
Once the hangover has subsided, and the debris has fallen to rest, we’ll be getting the next release ready to go. We think it’s going to rattle a few cages.

You can read the review of their EP here, and their debut EP here.

The band will be playing on Tuesday 25th March as the Actress and Bishop, tickets can be brought through the link below!








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