Rusty Boxx – Scattered Keeses


EP’s are without doubt an important of a band’s development, as it encourages them to develop their sound, discover themselves and find out what everybody thinks of their music. Rusty Boxx will be taking this plunge on 31st March, as they will be releasing their debut EP Scattered Keeses.

The EP is heavily blessed with an acoustic guitar, making this a folk orientated musical venture by the band from Suffolk.  ‘Must be for you’ starts the album with some strong vocals which could easily be connected to Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman, due of the way Ankers (Lead Vocalist) hits the high notes, and smoothly slips down the note to leave us admiring it. The second song we come across is ‘Fortitude’, which is deeper than the first song, as the pain in the song is evident in the vocals. The structure of the song is reminding of Ben Howard and his first album, which is full of soulful vocals and intricate fingerpicking.

The slow and gentle place of the album is probably enough to lull anybody into a peaceful sleep. This is not a bad reaction as it is one of the best features of folk music, as it makes everything around you peaceful with the fingerpicking and silky, yet rough around the edge vocals.

The third song, ‘Boy by the River’, has this lulling quality down to a tee, as the lyrics about vocals along with banjo heighten this element.  Once again the vocals are at the forefront of the song, making stand apart from most up an coming folk acts, as Ankers puts a distinctive print on each song.

‘Wall of Fans’ brings the EP to an end, and follows suit of its predecessors, as the pace is similar and so is the tone and feel of the song. This can often be a burden on the band, as it can make each song sound similar, however Rusty Boxx have avoided this by adapting a different melody to each song, making them distinctively different and develop their own personal qualities. ‘Wall of Fans’ is possibly the best song to feature on the EP, as it seems to be the one which is most complex, tightly wrapped , and has some of the best lines of the EP with “There’s nothing you say that ever goes unnoticed”,  although simple, it seems to ring in the musical box.

The EP is a perfect demonstration of what a EP should do, as it shows the intentions of the bands, their own style and what you can expect of them in further releases. Rusty Boxx kept it very simple with this EP, as they stick to what they know and are clearly reputably good at, which is writing good songs, with down to earth lyrics and subtle sounds. They never turn their back on the acoustic guitar and keep it as stripped back as possible, which is refreshing to hear in this modern day of computerised whizzes and drums.

Hear the FULL EP HERE >



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