Oh Boy! – EP 1 Review


EP’s that start with a large squeal and pumping drums are always promising, because of the raw energy and emotion that is sent across with a single screech. OhBoy  have done this with their debut EP entitled EP1, and the promise was followed up with even more screeching and lo-fi pop songs.

The EP starts off with the amusing title of ‘Love and other Difficulties’, and the pace and confusion is carried out from the first second, and is never dropped. It’s a perfect song to win over most lo-fi lovers, as stomping drums and downed out vocals are delivered with perfection. The brief pause in the middle with the audio of a kid saying “No one listens to that crummy thing anymore” is well placed, as it doesn’t feel forced and deserves a little chuckle before the song blows up again.

‘Hand to Mouth’ takes the duty next, and with the loud screechy sounds at the start, I was already half won over. The poppy riff along with the “Ooooooo’s” work well, and with the odd scream lying around, the song won me over. It is possibly the best produced track on the EP, as every sound that burst seems to be larger than life.

Oh Boy show that they have sense of humour, even though it may be dry with their final song on the EP being called ‘Classic Self Doubt’. Easily the poppiest song on the album, as most of the screeching is lost and some harmonic singing takes place, which is pleasantly accepted.

The EP is a big statement from the Northampton based band, as they show how lo-fi indie rock is showcased to a good standard. Their style could be connected to America’s most interesting band Pavement, with their thrashing and vocal style, however it seems as though Oh Boy have put their own feel around it. We need more, and soon.



Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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