Superfood – MAM EP Review

When a band put out a record that is 75% already released material, it can be hard to get excited about. But when the group are surrounded by as much hype as Superfood have been, it can also be impressively easy to get swept up in all. Sure, the debut EP from the Birmingham four-piece might not hold much that we haven’t heard from them before, but it stands as a worthy testament to everything that they are – and what they are is great fun.
Crafting their songs out of more hooks than you’d find in a bait shop, Superfood certainly know how to keep their audience listening. Guitar-driven tracks with pop sensibilities, echoing with more nostalgia than a nintendo game (well, nearing it), the bands sound has wasted no time in drawing themselves a fan base. Compiling nearly all the tracks the band have released so far (their eponymous debut excluded), the MAM EP is certainly a crowd-pleaser.
Re-recorded in all its sprawling glory, ‘TV’ is a storm of infectious riffs, catchy choruses, and raucous energy. ‘Bubbles’ showcases the band at their best – contrasting hefty refrains with intricate melodies and intimate vocals, the track doesn’t let down for an instant. ‘Melting’ opens with the most deliciously bubbling guitar riff you could dream of, but it takes EP closer ‘Houses On The Plain’ to show us something different. Vocals drowning in effects, the track presents a softer, more delicate side to Superfood, along with demonstrating them at their rawest.
Premiering your first track on prime time Radio 1 is a big start for a small-time group, but Superfood have more than filled the boots they laid out for themselves. It would be easy to dismiss them as just another hype band, but with this release, the group have shown that they’re going to be around for a while. Heading out on the road with We Are Scientists, they clearly show no signs of slowing down either. And whilst they keep producing music at this standard, we’re sure that no one is going to argue.
Words by Jess Goodman @alotlikejessica



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