Alastair James Dickie –Sunday Single


Songs about being single and leading the solo life are conventionally covered by our modern day pop artists, who constantly sign about going out, living for the weekend, and  how many girls are drooling over them. So it was refreshing to hear folk song taking this topic, and putting it into a much more reliable and realistic way.

‘Sunday Single’ has the classic mould of a folk song, with the fast paced strumming, intricate picking and storytelling lyrics. With all this wrapped around this particular subject, it makes for a very interesting song.

Alastair expresses the values of being single, without being crude or generic with it as he sings about being free and all his time being his own. The lyrics are possibly the highlight of this song, as they seem to click together and truly hit the nail on the head with the single life, and showing it is not just guys with champagne slapping every girls ass that walks by.

Of course a song would be nothing without its melody, and ‘Sunday Single’ has uplifting one, with ear catching hooks and riffs.  Alastair has shown that not only he is a decent song writer, but he can compose complex pieces of music, opposed just to hitting a few chords. However the song is just a demo, but it could easily be released now, as the stripped down sound could easily work.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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