Two Wings – Peace Fear


Two Wings are a five piece band originating from Glasgow, who are taking aspects from folk music and giving them a new meaning and feel around it. Their upcoming single ‘Peace Fear’ aims to do this, by adding haziness, along with soft rock harmonies into the mix – and do so without spoiling the broth.

The intro starts with a burst of colours and a smart bluesy type riff, with it being combined with a simple drum beat, the intro is quite effective. Before you know it a strange voice leaps out at you, and grabs you by the ears. The vocals are distinctive, unique and addictive; much like the effect Stevie Nicks’ voice has on people.

The song is very reminiscent of the 80’s, as the gleaming sounds feel like they are coming straight of that era, and the vocals emphasise that even more so. More often than not, an attempt to recapture what has been before fails miserably as it can never reach the heights that era did, however this encapsulates everything good around that time period.

The song is something that Fleetwood Mac would’ve created for ‘Rumours’ if they had all of today’s technologies at their disposal. As weird or strange it may sound after the first listen, bear with it and listening to it a second time and you will realise the best parts of this glistening song.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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