5 Bands/Artists that could (should) headline Reading and Leeds BUT HAVEN’T


david_bowieDavid Bowie

He’s headlined Glastonbury a few times, however he has never taken up the role at Reading and Leeds. This may be due to the crowd that the festival brings in, as they tend to younger and desire relevant guitar music, however they are susceptible to the odd legends. Bowie should be one of those legends to take main stage and headline the festival. We know he has the material and that special glow that these stars have, so there is no real reason why he shouldn’t, also I think that’s the only real icon that Reading and Leeds are missing on their list.

120524theCribsHIW_6216769The Cribs

The Cribs are one of those bands that are overlooked by most people, due to them refusing go mainstream and create music that is commercially viable. However their gigs are without doubt some of the craziest ones I have been too, due to Ryan jumping in crowds, the band kicking everything around the stage and crowd-surfing a constant feature. With five albums, there is no doubt that they could fill their setlist full of crowd stomping songs.

download (2)Bombay Bicycle Club

With their fourth album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ being such a hit this year, I think they have finally earned the right to be considered for this huge role. Although some of their songs wouldn’t suit the criteria of a headlining act, they have a lot of material that does, the majority coming from ‘I had the blues but I shook them loose’ and their latest album. Some of the names that get switched round for headlining need to be shaken up, and BBC should be one of those bands.

The LibertinesThe Libertines

Yes they have played Reading and Leeds, but they never headlined, as Arcade Fire deservedly took that role. However, the set at Reading and Leeds in 2010 showed that their die-hard fans (including me) are aching for them to come back full-time. Of course it won’t be soon with the Pete and Carl concentrating on separate projects; however, there is a place for them due to the legacy and endless Libertine tattoos they left behind.

downloadThe Smiths

Of course this is the most far out one, due to the fact that they haven’t played with each other for over 25 years, however that cannot stop Smithdom from dreaming. The Smiths have a catalogue of songs that bands could only dream of, along with a number of B-Sides that could easily have been singles themselves, so regarding the set list that wouldn’t have problem. Also Morrissey has played festivals solo, and seems to make crowd pleasing ridiculously easy, with his passion and the unique twist his puts on each song.

WORDS BY Alex Wise @al4563


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