Mock Sun – Ear Wiz


On their facebook page they use the sentence “The sounds you are about to hear represent a luminous flux of fluctuating fantasies. Leave all personas at the door, and dig in”, to explain themselves. It shows they have a great awareness about their music, and what they’re creating, as it is possibly the best way to describe it.

‘Ear Wiz’ comes off their album Hungry Mother , which is as intriguing as this single leads you to believe. The soft vocals are key to this slick song, as each word drips off the lips of Jami Kali, who delivers them at a perfect tone for the song. They easily could be related to a femme fetale singer in a film, as they will leave you with a desire to hear more.

Musically, there is not a lot to it, as the bass is low and stripped to its bare bones, and a guitar makes a small appearance from time to time. However not much is needed for this song, purely because of the vocals, they need no real support. Not to say the band are poor because there’s not much musical activity, this is not the case, the song simply didn’t need much to achieve the smooth and glossy  finish they desired, and the band knew exactly the tipping point of what would have been too much for this song,

The song is easy listening with lyrics that could leave a silver tongued devil in twist, as well as this the subtle sounds heighten every word the seeps out. It’s a perfect introduction to the album, and should have you listening in when you get the chance.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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