Go Native – Atom Heart



A single prior to an EP can give you a good insight into what you will be hearing on it, some cases it can put you off, others it just makes you eager as you try to download it for free offline early.

Go Native, have easily achieved the latter with their single Atom Heart. With the bands space like sounds and brave vocals, the song is easily very attractive. The hoppy beat and the alien sounds at the beginning of the song could easily give the wrong impression, as it seems like something you’d hear coming out of a club in Ibiza. However, giving the song time to settle and come in is much advised to do, as everything works together perfectly.

The song also seems to carry a certain attitude behind it with the lyrics “It’s not yours to take”, which are powering out the lead vocalist. The ending is big screaming mess with everything screeching at every turn, which is beautiful to hear, and could get most crowds jumping.  Full credit must go to whomever produced/mixed the song as they have done a superb job, by giving the band this large sound, which is better appreciated with headphones.

It is a very strong single to set up an EP, which will leave a lot of people expecting something as high standard as this. Go Native have shown they’re capable of this, so there’s little doubt it my mind that they won’t live up to these expectations.



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