We Cut Corners – Best Friend


With the song name of ‘Best Friend’ slowly being deteriorated because of its overuse, it’s going to be hard to make one that sticks out in someone’s mind, and separate the connotation connection they already have with another song called ‘Best Friend’. Confusing?

Well We Cut Corners have managed to make the best ‘Best Friend’ song to date, beating The Drums, Palma Violets and 50 Cent. The song is a reminder of how pop songs should be: two minutes long, catchy, singable and the ability to leave you pressing play again.

The riff initially is very simple as it skips between two chords, and reminding of a good old fashioned rock and roll song, but the screw soon becomes loose and the top is lost.  As the song unfolds you can gradually begin to see the picture of teens falling about to this song, and shouting into each other’s ears – it’s happened.

The slithery lyrics seep out of the song effortlessly, and they sound genuine and real, because a lot of upcoming bands have a knack of sounding awfully pretentious. The singer manages to do this by his distinct vocals, which are delivered with certainty and no questions surrounding.

Prior to this song the band was unknown to me, but from this song I’m sure there will be a few more eyes casting over the band and their movements. They’ve clearly shown an ability to write a good pop song with ease, and it will be interesting to see if they can do this throughout their up coming album in May 2014.



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