Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See you Tomorrow


Bombay Bicycle Club have finally released their highly anticipated fourth album, which has been a long three year wait for the BBC faithful, and every other music loving fan. We understand what to expect from the band, which is fine tasting indie music, like no other band can seem to manage to do. Every album we’ve been treated to something slightly different, as they refuse to sit on the one track and ride it out. The band seems to manage to absorb a certain element of music and embrace it to its fullest, and use to make the album stand apart from its predecessors.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is no different as they have embraced more electronic and euphoric sound, surrounded by harmonies and the unique voice of Steadman. ‘Overdone’ and ‘It’s alright now’ lightly let you into the album, making you take several deep breaths to appreciate what’s unravelling in your ears. ‘Carry Me’ is where this different style first hits you, which is much better with earphones as it forces your head to bop. Lucy Rose makes her first vocal mark on the album in ‘Home by Now’, and her voice complements Steadman’s  so well , as they are angelic and unique, and seem to easily entwine so well.


The single ‘Luna’ is possibly the spectacle of the album, as the rhythm unbearably good, and brings the best out of the Steadman and Rose duet, which you hear glimpses of prior to this song. ‘Eyes off You’ is a close second to ‘Luna’ for best song on the album, as the pace is pulled down and the vocals are stripped down to the minimum, and still no hollow parts can be seen, as they are full and pure throughout the song.

Proving that the band are not scared to take anything on, in ‘Feel’ take a very Indian style intro and turn it into a dream. The bouncy beat and catchy lick just makes the song catchier than a common cold, oh and did I mention that Steadman’s voice is untouchable. Title track ‘So long, see you tomorrow’ caps the album off with a tip of the hat and a thankyou. The soft beat and vocals seem to surround the room that you are in, and notifies you that the album is over with the lyrics “Your packing up/I Will see you again”, a nice ending to a strong album.

Steadman can be happy with his producing of the album, as it arguably BBC’s best album (Not including their debut album).  The band are ever evolving, and this just shows that, and it makes you wonder what else they can conquer and take on. No matter it is, the confidence must be oozing out of them as they tackle everything in sight.



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