The Rifles – None The Wiser

The Rifles

After a three year wait indie rock underdogs The Rifles have finally come up with their fourth album entitled None the Wiser. Also after their well-received previous album ‘Freedom Run’ which got an 8/10 from that marmite like magazine the NME, they want to make sure they don’t drop the standards.

If you are familiar with what they have done in the past, then you pretty much know what you’re in for, and they don’t disappoint with as they deliver exactly what you expect. The album kicks off with ‘Minute mile’ which is riddled with a catchy pop riff and that same attitude that they have always carried along with them.

The album doesn’t let up with as ‘Heebie Jeebies’ and ‘Go Lucky’ follow the same pace and angst that was introduced by the first song. ‘All I need’ is the first song that gives the ears a rest momentarily; this is because an acoustic guitar is introduced along with a harmonica. On the surface it could easily sound like your generic acoustic song especially with the song title. However the band walks the cheese tight rope and don’t slip up at any point.

‘Catch Her in the Rye’ finally picks the album back up again with a riff that bounces round like a big round bouncy ball in a bouncy castle. ‘Shoot from the lip’ has a certain Shadow Puppets feel to it with the some dark parts edging out at the corners, which would put a shiver down a killers spine. Unfortunately the album is cursed with a bad song which is ‘Electric Eccentric’, it’s uplifting feel and sound feels forced and not genuine, which never leads a good taste in the mouth.

If they lost you with ‘Electric Eccentric’ then they probably will win you back over with ‘Under and Over’, although uplifting, this time it seems real and genuine, and with an upbeat dream drum beat a guitar under it manages to be one of the highlights of the album.

Overall the album the album proves to be another good instalment by The Rifles as they continue to produce solid indie lad-rock that you can depend on.


Review by Alex Wise @al4563 or


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