The Deep Red Sky – Kids (Cover)




Covering songs is quite a risky business for a band, because people will always be comparing it to the original, which will never be beaten, you can never beat the original. However the weight can be taken off slightly when you take a song, and put a different spin on it, rather than just playing on acoustic and uploading it to YOUtube. This is what The Deep Red Sky have done with MGMT’s summer daze song ‘Kids’, which is very difficult to pick a fault with. Of course ‘Kids’ is a brilliant song lyrically and musically, with those weird sounds whipping past your years, as the words “You were a child/crawling on your knees toward him” linger in your brain.



The Deep Red Sky put a slightly darker tone on the song, giving it a hint of a Snow Patrol edge to it. The sound of the xylophone is used brilliantly, giving it that little glimmer at the end of the vocals, which executed with a slight bit of pain behind them. The ending resonates what MGMT did with the song by going completely mental with noise, however The Deep Red Sky is a much guitar based noise, as it blows up right in front of your ears. The Deep Red Sky have made a very good job of covering this MGMT classic by putting their own small twist on it, but not so much that sounds totally removed and random, a song that will keep the band in mind to see what they’re capable of with their own songs.







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