Poeticat – Kind Words Soft Kill


Band: Poeticat

Hometown: London


Spoken word is sometimes misunderstood and a lot of the time put on the back burners of music so we forget about those acts. Poeticat are an act who are looking to take their imaginative spoken word music to new heights, with the release of their double A side, which includes ‘Kind Words Soft Kill’ and ‘Centre of the Concrete Square’, and they’re two songs that should make you take notice.

Obviously in spoken word, it’s about the lyrics, the language and the poetry, but Poeticat have taken special care of the background music too, which really sets the scene and environment for these songs. Spoken word music is often disregarded mainly because it’s not what people are used to listening to,  so they immediately turn off, but Poeticat have done such a job on these lyrics and stanza’s that they’re worth taking note off and listening to. Well thought out words, and the timing of the words play an integral part to these two songs, which they’ve done well with and for that alone it deserves credit. Understandably it won’t be at the top of most people’s playlists, but it does deserve a place within that playlist.






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