STRANGERS – No Longer Lost



After featuring these guys some while back, their growth into the music world hasn’t taken a stop, as they’ve continue to grow and grow as a band that believe should be in the public eye, and this song is another reminder why. ‘No Longer Lost’ is a pop song in every sense of the word, with a chorus that could have a whole crowd singing, and larger than life synths behind those god-like vocals, it’s a struggle to find anything to disagree with.

The song is slightly unconventional for WFM as there are no heavy guitars or cat screeching vocals that appear on the track, but it’s undoubtedly something that a wide variety of people could get enjoyment out of, regardless of what music you listen to, you can’t help but relish a bit of synth. The sound they have created has a very glossy 80’s feel to it, which is partnered with modern ideas and sounds, creating a unique listening experience. Creating a credible pop song is difficult, but creating a credible pop song that hardcore indie fans enjoy is on a different scale of appreciation,  STRANGERS have managed to do this without a problem it seems as they continue to give us their synth infused pop songs.





Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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