Milo’s Planes – Told you Twice

milos planes

Band: Milo’s Planes

Hometown: Bristol

I’ve been waiting to review these guys for quite some time now, but due to the amount of bands we have waiting it’s taken quite some time, bur finally it’s here. Two-piece bands always fascinate me, mainly because of the complex and complete sounds they manage to grasp and if that wasn’t enough, everything they record they do themselves, which makes it 100% better than anything sitting in the charts.

Their sound is influenced by 90’s emo music, DC Hardcore and filthy garage, which can be easily noticed from the sound they achieve with their guitars, as it sounds like it could rip through walls in your house. The song only lasts 1.40, but I think that’s down to the fact if you went on any longer your ears wouldn’t be able to handle anymore. The energy conveyed through every thrash of the guitar is well received and integral to the song and the brash attitude in the vocals also add to that energy they seem give off with ease. At times it could easily be mistaken for pure noise without thought, but to the trained ear which familiar with this, the music is head bangingly brilliant that could easily get any crowd beating the shit out of each other.

Words by Alex Wise – @al4563






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