Crystal Skies – Bright Eyed (Demo)


Band: Crystal Skies

Hometown: Southampton

Influences: The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen

Self released projects are never not interesting. Wavves, WU LYF, Odd Future. There’s something about an artist putting all the effort into recording, mixing, and releasing their own records which is brilliantly refreshing, and Crystal Skies show us exactly that. Bright Eyed begins with the most fruity guitar picking cleanly, leading to the most explosive chorus.

Anthemic, clean, with a brilliantly fitting drumbeat. Singer Liam Banwell howls with such pain which leaves everyone mesmerised and tearful. Each instrument is played at it’s most ambient, and what’s more are the gorgeous drum fills which maximises the chorus to lodge the endearing track further and further into your memory. If this is Crystal Skies’ earliest song without being mixed or mastered, then I am way too excited with what they’ll produce next.





Words by Saagar Kaushik



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