Dirty Little Lies – Imitation Game – 20-03-12- AW

Sorry it’s been a couple of days been Weymouth for a party, playing football manager, loads of fucking work and just general time wasting so those are the reasons I haven’t posted anything in a while.

Just recently got on to soundcloud, took me ages to get it because I don’t like socialising with people and there’s a lot of twat’s online but I finally got it. Soundcloud is a good way to find bands, artisist, music producers etc, in your area so I’m finding all these pretty cool bands online and some of em’ have good tunes.

Found this band while I was searching through, and I liked them not only because their name is ‘Dirty Little Lies’ and it’s close to ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ but because I think there music has that raw sound about it that a lot of bands lack. The song I’ve chose to looks at ‘Imitation Game’ has that raw guitar sound, no silly effects or anything like that, the drums are loud and catchy along with the riff, just got everything I and everybody should want from a song, short and sweet and also because their from Walsall makes em’ that bit better. The lyrics are also pretty good, not too wordy though which works in their favour I believe.

Not only have they got this song, they got some others that are worth having a listen to because they’re pretty good, if you like The Enemy that sort of stuff you should get a kick out of this.

Dirty Little Lies – Imitation Game


Their Page.


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